5+1 ideas for excursions and hikes in the Greek islands

In discovery of Greece’s most fascinating itineraries

Greece has a wealth of history, culture and nature to offer, making it the perfect place for a holiday. Hikers will find plenty of options for discovering this fantastic country and its six archipelagos.
If you enjoy hiking, you’ll have a vast choice of paths and routes. We’ve chosen five itineraries (plus an extra one) to help you explore a number of Greek islands and make the most of this unique land.

1. (Crete) Samaria Gorges and Agia Roumeli

An excursion to the Samaria Gorges is perhaps one of the most exciting experiences the island of Crete has to offer. This beautiful 16 km long canyon is a hike of medium difficulty in an unforgettable, breath-taking setting. To make the most of this fantastic place, end your hike in the traditional village of Agia Roumeli, relaxing on the splendid beach and bathing in its crystal-clear waters.

2. (Corfu) Mount Pantokrator

At 911 metres, Mount Pantokrator is the highest point on the island of Corfu, the best-known of the Ionian Islands. The architecture of its traditional homes and the uncontaminated natural surroundings give the place a timeless atmosphere. Start in the village of Spartilas and walk the panoramic path through the beautiful natural scenery of the island to the Pantokratoras Ipsilou Monastery at the top of the mountain to enjoy the exceptional panoramic views and peace and quiet.

3. (Santorini) Fira and Oia

Santorini, the best-known of the Cyclades, has come to symbolise Greece itself with the beauty of its traditional villages. The view from Fira (also known as Thera), the biggest town on the island, perched atop the volcanic stacks, is truly outstanding. Stroll through the lanes of this characteristic village before taking a three-hour panoramic hike along the Caldera to the picturesque village of Oia, dotted with splendid white and blue houses.

4. (Skiathos) Kastro

Skiathos is a pretty little island in the Sporades group, perfect for alternating relaxing moments on the beach with hikes and excursions. The village of Kastro is an ideal destination for a day trip. This unusual fortified village preserves ancient ruins dating back to the fifteenth century, with truly spectacular views. The trail to the archaeological site is not one of the easiest, but it takes you through places where time appears to stand still.

5. (Samos) Pythagório and Ireón

The island of Samos, in the eastern Aegean Sea, abounds in archaeological sites, beautiful beaches and hiking trails through luxuriant vegetation. For an excursion combining modernity with history, set out from the resort town of Pythagório and follow the coast to the village of Ireón, home to the archaeological site of Heraion, a UNESCO world heritage site.

5+1. (Rhodes) Kattavia and Prassonissi

Kattavia is a small village in southern Rhodes. The traditional village is located in the middle of a vast plain, surrounded by forests. A two-hour hike from this characteristic farming village takes you to the southernmost tip of the island. Prassonissi is a marvellous spot where a long strip of sand divides the Aegean from the Mediterranean Sea, joining Rhodes to a splendid island.