Salakos-Profitis Ilias: in the “Green heart” of the island

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An enchanting path in the woods takes you to the top of the “Prophet” to admire the green heart of the island and savor the scent and silence that the surrounding nature offers you.

In summary

  • Every Thursday from 8:30 to 12:30

  • Meeting point: Salakos “springs area”

  • Duration: 4 h

  • Length: 7.5 km

  • Difference in altitude: 500 m

  • Difficulty: medium

  • Ring: yes

  • Cost per person € 35

  • Type of route: Path and dirt track

Itinerary description

Starting from the village of Salakos, you go along an ancient mule track that leads to a garden that once belonged to De Vecchi (governor of the island during the Italian domination) who had a villa built right on the mountain of the prophet. Through a small path you continue towards the chapel of the Archangel Michael perched on large boulders and continue towards the two Tyrolean-style hotels and the third peak of the island (798 m): from here the view is breathtaking. Descending from the mountain you pass by the majestic villa and its chapel and then descend towards Salakos. The whole route is immersed in a dense forest of cypresses and Aleppo pines which offer shade and shelter from the sun on the hottest days


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  • Includes: Traditional snack and bottle of water

  • Hiking equipment available on request

  • Minimum number of participants: 4

  • Maximum number of participants: 20

  • Best time of year: Year-round

  • Meeting point: see map

  • What to bring: sunscreen, water, sun hat.

  • Transfer on request: € 20 Central Area and € 40 Side Areas per person return – See map
  • Meeting time is 15 min prior to the scheduled departure time. The balance must be paid prior to departure (Paypal, Credit/debit card or cash). Participants will be asked to sign a waiver of responsibility and a declaration that they are in good health prior to departure. Open to kids aged 16 and up only if accompanied by an adult.


• Comply with the established departure time and programme, and with any changes made by the guide;
• Participate in the excursion in good psychological and physical condition, with appropriate clothing and equipment. If you have any doubts, discuss them with your guide before the day of the excursion;
• Behave in a disciplined way during the excursion, demonstrating respect for other people and for private property and following your guide’s instructions;
• Follow the established route, without becoming separated from or leaving the group, and without walking ahead of the guide;
• Collaborate with your guide to ensure the success of the excursion and comply with his or her decisions, especially if difficulties arise (in the environmental conditions and/or among the participants); inform the guide of any problems that may emerge during the activity, especially in relation to your psychological and physical condition and equipment;
• Do not pick protected plant or flower species and follow the guide’s instructions at all times;
• Carry your garbage until you come to a bin for proper disposal.

Every participant is personally responsible for any behaviour resulting in a risk to him/herself or to others, particularly if he or she takes personal initiatives against the guide’s opinion.

Photography and filming
Photographs and/or videos will be taken during the excursion which may appear on web sites in the public domain used by the organisers for the promotion of their initiatives. By participating in the excursion, you agreed to publication of this material.

Mobile telephones
Participants are asked to keep their mobile telephones turned off. If this is not possible, they should at least be kept in silent mode. If you need to make a telephone call, please notify the guide and then leave the group, while remaining in the guide’s sight.

Recording of GPS tracks
GPS devices may be used during excursions for the purposes of orientation, but participants agree not to make any GPS tracks they may record available to the public.

– easy: for everyone (including minors over the age of 12 accompanied by an adult)
– medium: requiring at least some training (minors over the age of 14 accompanied by an adult)
– hard: requiring a fair amount of training (minors over the age of 16 accompanied by an adult)
– hard +: requiring considerable training (minors over the age of 16 accompanied by an adult)

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