Hiking on Rhodes: what to put in your backpack

10 important hints for preparing your backpack

Before you set off on a hiking adventure in discovery of the marvellous island of Rhodes, there are a number of things to remember to bring with you that will come in handy on your holiday. It’s never good to find that you are unprepared, and forgetting certain essential items can turn what would otherwise have been a marvellous experience into an unpleasant day.

Here is a list of items and personal effects you’ll need to make the most of your holiday and hiking on the island of Rhodes.

  1. Lightweight hiking boots
    for hiking excursions, and for getting to particular spots and beaches not on paved roads.
  2. Long and short trousers
    for different weather and temperature excursions.
  3. Wind jacket or rain jacket
    to wear on windy days and in the evening.
  4. Sweatshirt or fleece and t-shirts
    to adapt the way you dress as the temperature changes during the day.
  5. Swimsuit, beach towel, flip-flops or beach sandals
    for relaxing on the beach.trekking - persone attrezzate
  6. Shoes with robust rubber soles
    for walking along the island’s many rocky beaches.
  7. Sun hat and sunscreen
    we recommend an SPF of over 50 to protect against sunburn. The constant wind on the island means you don’t feel hot, so you won’t realise you are burning; it’s best to apply sunscreen before you set out on your excursion.
  8. Water bottle and day pack
    so you can carry plenty of water and a few essentials on your hike.
  9. First aid kit
    bandaids and gauze, an ointment for aches and pains, mosquito repellent, and possibly eye drops in case the wind dries out your eyes. Eye drops or artificial tears are also useful if you get dust or sand in your eyes.
  10. Head lamp, batteries, a good map downloaded from the internet and a pair of hiking poles
    to make the most of your experience hiking on Rhodes.