The best trekking itineraries on the island of Rhodes

Hikes on the island of Rhodes

Rhodes, the biggest island in the Dodecanese archipelago, is a pearl of the southern Aegean Sea offering visitors incredible landscapes and the opportunity to enjoy great natural and architectural wonders. The harmonious balance of tradition and modernity makes this an excellent base for day hikes and excursions.

If you love trekking, Rhodes offers the opportunity to discover an unusual variety of natural landscapes and admire the immensity of Hellenic art and culture.

Here are some of the top hiking itineraries on the island of Rhodes.

Trekking in Lindos

Beginning in Lindos, a picturesque village of white houses about 50 kilometres from the city of Rhodes, this excursion offers unique panoramic views. Climb from the village, surrounded by a splendid bay, to the acropolis about 116 metres above sea level. It’s not a long way, but it can be a tough climb up to the acropolis and the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia. It’s worth the effort when you get to the top and see the marvellous view below!

Trekking in the city of Rhodes

The city of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988, is a place of extraordinary beauty, the centre of the island’s economy. Within a four-kilometre belt of walls is the medieval city, an urban complex packed with history, ideal for a walking tour in discovery of ancient statues, fountains and architecture. The Street of the Knights, the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Temple of Apollo are only a few of the historic sites that still maintain their ancient splendour.

Trekking from Haraki to Tzampika

This hike from the town of Haraki to splendid Tzampika offers the perfect combination of history and nature. From the traditional village of Haraki, set in a quiet bay of crystal-clear water, the trail passes through the villages of Archangelos and Stegna via a panoramic route that allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of this part of the island. The excursion ends at the marvellous beach town of Tzampika, known for its golden sands, calm seas and magnificent monastery at the top of 300 steps.

Trekking from Monolithos to Profitis Elias

On the western end of the island of Rhodes, perched atop Mount Akramitis, stands the picturesque rocky village of Monolithos. What makes the village particularly special is the magnificent fifteenth-century castle about 3 km outside the town. The excursion begins at this enchanting spot to continue on to Siana, Embonas and Profitis Elias, a little village on the mountain of the same name offering splendid views and a marvellous forest of coniferous fir and pine trees.

Trekking from Ipseni to Glystra

From Ipseni Monastery, located in a forested area about 50 kilometres from the city of Rhodes, hike along a nature trail to the beach resort of Glystra. Glystra Beach, a small, quiet beach with shallow crystalline water, is the final destination of this excursion in discovery of the island’s natural beauty.