Trekking ideas for hiking clubs

Hiking paths and proposals for trips outside Italy

Hiking clubs such as CAI and SAT are always on the lookout for ideas and inspiration for organising adventurous excursions in natural surroundings. The choice of itineraries for paths to walk and shelters in which to spend the night is practically infinite, and it can be hard to make up your mind. Here are some ideas for upcoming excursions.

Trekking in Spain

Northern Spain offers landscapes of breath-taking beauty. Enormous lakes, canyons and rocky peaks are only a part of it. If you’d like to plan a trip for experienced hikers, how about the Picos de Europa, a national park declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The excursion passes through vast swathes of forest, wide valleys and fantastic lakes, the Lagos de Covadonga, along mountain paths. The climb to the highest peak in the park, Torre Cerredo, reveals the infinite spaces of the nature reserve. A challenging but unmissable itinerary.

Trekking in France

Two days will be sufficient to discover the Vallée des Merveilles and the Valmasque Lakes. Here you are immersed in a world of history and nature, with surreal views. Vallée des Merveilles, the Valley of Marvels, is dominated by the 2872 metre peak of Mont Bego, home to bronze age cave art. The path winds its way to the Valmasque Valley and flanks three big lakes in the area, Lac du Basto, Lac Noir and Lac Vert.

Trekking in Rhodes

A week is just right for a tour of this lovely island. From touring the city of Rhodes to discovering the villages of the island, from climbing Mount Akramitis to relaxing on the island’s splendid beaches and visiting its acropolises and monasteries. Excursions at all levels of difficulty and a great variety of lodgings are the strong points for organising a trip to Rhodes for your hiking club! Let us guide you in this land abounding in wonders you won’t want to miss.