Lindos: The path of perfumes

In discovery of one of the most beautiful towns on Rhodes

The town of Lindos, in the southwest of the island of Rhodes, is a traditional village of simple white houses huddled together amid the rugged mountain terrain. One of the most attractive, picturesque villages on the island, Lindos is very popular with tourists, especially in the high season, visiting its beautiful beaches and sites of historical and archaeological interest.

The highest point in the area is Lindos Mountain, right behind the village, from which visitors can view one of the town’s greatest attractions, the Acropolis of Atena Lindia, at an elevation of 116 metres. The panoramic view from the top of the mountain includes the fantastic beaches of Lindos, the gracious little bay of Saint Paul and the splendid bay of Navarone to the south, with its warm, turquoise blue water.

Walk up to the fortress of Lindos to view the Knights’ Castle and the Acropolis containing the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia, dating back to the fourth century B.C., at the top of a staircase of 300 steps. At the base of the statues ornamenting the temple are the signatures of the artists who carved them. The Knights’ Castle, which has been reconstructed twice, at the time of the Knights of Rhodes, and again during the Italian occupation, is a harmonious blend of architectural styles containing the ruins of the Byzantine church of St. John, a large courtyard with three cisterns, a number of columns dating back to the third century B.C. and a relief carved by Pythokritus at the top of the stairway. History buffs can also visit the Tomb of Kleobulous, with its circular floor plan topped by a cupola near the Acropolis.

A stroll through the village offers an opportunity to discover more of the treasures of Lindos. These include the captains’ houses, easily recognisable for their unusual stone architecture featuring ostentatious decorations and characteristic floors decorated with pebbles; once the homes of wealthy merchants, they now house restaurants and bars.

While history and nature are the greatest attractions, a stroll through the centre of Lindos offers an experience of full immersion in the lives of the local people. The aromas emerging from the taverns, the colours of the wares on display in the shops and the sight of donkeys in the village streets make Lindos a truly unique experience.